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What's On at JBayWinterfest 2016

Posted on Sat May 28, 2016 in What's On at JBay Winterfest 2016.

The annual Jbay Winterfest 2016 runs from the 6th July to 17th July 2016 and promises some spectacular entertainment!

The Line-up is as follows:

The prestigious JBay Open is happening from the 6 - 17 July at Supertubes Beach in Jeffrey's Bay which is a World Championship Surfing Competition drawing world renowned Professional Surfers to Jeffrey's Bay. Not to be missed!

Mountain Bikers will love the JBay Wind Farm MTB Classic on the 16 July starting at Kabeljous Lagoon which offers 25 km, 50 km and 85 km races catering for various levels or fitness and skill levels.

For Running enthusiasts the Jbay X Trail Run offers three 20 km Trail Runs on the 16 - 17 July starting from Kabeljous Lagoon and also includes a Night Run. This event promises to test the endurance of participants to the limit!

The Celebrity Oakley X-Over event brings top South African Sport Celebrities to Jbay to participate in this prestigious event. It commences on the 13 July with the Golf Tournament at the St Francis Bay Links Golf Course, followed by the Mountain Bike Event on the JBay MTB Open Route, On the 14 July the event concludes with the Surfing Tournament at Lower Point beach in JBay.

The JBU Supertrial presented by RVCA 2016 is an invite-only event with 20 of South Africa’s top Surfer’s invited to compete. The winner of this competition wins an entry to the World Surf League’s JBay Open.

The Jeffrey's Bay Cold Water Classic is a swimming competition held in Marina Martinique on the 16 July.

The JBay FUNDURO is happening on the 18 July at Slake Adventures. Both young and old are invited to enjoy this Fun Day together where Riders can enjoy a 15 km single track that caters for beginner's as well as the more experienced Riders looking for a challenge.

The Fishing Skins Competition on 16 July at Kabeljous Lagoon offers participants the opportunity to have a fun family day out while enjoying some excellent fishing. Food caravans, stalls, music and a children’s play area will add to this fun outing for the whole family.

Another Surfing Event not to be missed is the Quicksilver Jbay Junior Pro/Roxy Jbay Junior Pro that i happening on the 8 - 10 July and offers junior surfers an excellent opportunity to display their talent and skills.

On the 15 - 17 July the National Kite Surfing Festival at Kabeljous Lagoon, offers thousands of people the opportunity to observe power kites & stunt kites perform incredible acrobatic tricks and formations while children can enjoy testing their skills with one liner kites. Definitely an event that caters for the whole family.

The Samsung Galaxy World Championship Tour Jbay Open will once again be held at the world renowned surf spot knows as Supertubes in Jeffrey’s Bay. It takes place from 6 - 17 July where Celebrity Surfers participate in this prestigious International Event and offers spectators the opportunity to witness World Class Professional Surfing at its best right in our own backyard! 

 The Jbay X Trail Run takes place on the 16 – 17 July at Kabeljous Lagoon in Jeffrey’s Bay and offers runners a challenging, adventurous race. The total distance of the race covers 60 km and promises to test endurance levels. There will be 3 individual Trail Runs all 12 hours apart including a Night Race. The race starts at 7am on the 16th July with a 20 km race then is followed by the 20 km Night Race that starts at 7pm that evening and finally the last 20 km commence on the 17th July at 7am.

 For sports enthusiasts the Oakley X-Over event promises riveting entertainment. This prestigious event boasts International and South African celebrity participation and is one not to be missed! It kicks off on the 13th July with the Golf Tournament at the St Francis Bay Links Golf Course, followed by the Mountain Bike event on the JBay MTB Open Route. On the 14th July the excitement moves to Lower Point Beach in JBay where the Surfing Tournament will take place. Several celebrities will be participating in this year’s Oakley X-Over Challenge namely Tom Whitaker, Jean De Villiers, Schalk Burger, Gugu Zulu, Jordy Smith and Butch James just to name a few! This promises to be an absolute highlight of the Festival.

The JBay Wind Farm MTB Classic provides an adventurous and challenging ride for mountain bikers at various skill levels. The race commences at the Kabeljous Lagoon on the 16 July and there are three routes namely the 25 km, 50 km and the 85 km for fit racers with marathon experience. The 25 km route is fairly flat and less technical promising an adventurous ride. The longer routes will require good technical racing skills and promise to challenge the riders while providing spectacular trails. They will also be racing through the JBay Wind Farm between the 80 m tall wind turbine towers. 

 The JBU Supertrial presented by RVCA is a prestigious invite-only event where 20 of South Africa’s top surfers are invited to compete. The Supertrial waiting period is 1 – 12 June with one full day needed to run the event to completion. The winner of the JBU Supertrial wins a wild card into the main event of the World Surf League’s JBay Open.

For our younger participants the Quicksilver JBay Junior Pro/Roxy JBay Junior Pro will be held from the 8th to 10th July at Magnatubes Beach in Jbay and the age range is from U12 to U18.

 For a fantastic day out for Riders and their families the Jbay Funduro is a must. Located at Seaview Vlakte, just above Mondplaas Petrol Garage on the R102. The SLAKE PIT (Obstacle Course) promises spectacular entertainment once again.and is perfect for beginners while the obstacle course will offer fun challenges for the more skilled riders to enjoy! This event promises a great family outing!

 Daring swimmers can attempt the Cold Water Classic Jeffrey's Bay which offers a great opportunity to test their bravery as they race in sub 15 degree water in this triple mile race at Marina Martinique on the 16th July. Swimmers will wear speedo type swimming attire, goggles and a standard silicone swim cap. There will also be a mile and double mile race where swimmers will be permitted to wear a wetsuit.

 The Fishing Skins Competition takes place on the 16 July at Kabeljous Grass Parking Lot. Men are permitted to cast for their wives and kids to encourage family participation. Other Events will be running from this central point so the atmosphere will be magnificent offering plenty of food and entertainment.

 On the 15 - 17 July at Kabeljous Lagoon festival goers will be delighted by incredible kite displays at The National Kite Festival, including power kites and stunt kites performing acrobatic tricks and formation flying. Families are welcome and children will be able to play with various liner kites on display. The National Kite Festival promises to provide ample entertainment for both young and old.


For more information on any of these events or if you would like to book Accommodation during the JBay Winterfest 2016 visit www.aquariusbnb.co.za or call us on +27422933741